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| A Little Tailoring Never Hurt Anybody, Did It? | 28/07/17 |

Good morning to you all, you beautiful souls of the Earth. I hope your morning is filled with the rising sun, birds singing and morning cuddles with your significant other. If not, snuggle your pillow and put on your favourite song whilst you shower to ensure you get off to a good start today!

Shirt dress: Missguided Shoes: New Look Headband: ASOS Belt: Sainsbury's (TU) Lipstick: New Look

Some of you may have noticed that there has been a considerable increase in the number of blog posts I have been uploading recently and I hoped that over the summer I would be able to create more content for you all. Therefore, I'm quite proud that its working out this way, so that you all have more to read, and so that I can shoot a lot more looks and share more of my thoughts. However, with an increase in content, comes an increase in ideas needed to keep the momentum going. To add, my bank balance is looking incredibly sad, so any style inspiration I feel I could explore furthe…

| A Minimalist Life Ahead? | 25/07/17 |

GOOD MORNING YOU GORGEOUS BUNCH! How are we all doing? I hope your week has started smoothly and that you have a lovely day. So today's post is another sort of reflective one that has a dash of a personal touch. I was thinking about how I have changed as a person over the last year alone, and was thinking about what I have done and what I could do, to continue this journey of personal growth. So here's a little post all about that. Enjoy x

- OUTFIT - Sunglasses: Topshop Vest Top: Primark Jeans: ASOS Sliders: Primark

As a Fashion Blogger, Fashion Marketing Student and all-round Fashion LOVER, it can become almost second nature to collect and hoard clothing. Always scouring the web for new clothes and styling ideas can amount to a whole lotta money and a whole lotta material. 
Aside from clothes, I own very little and I am always clearing out my things so that I have the absolute bare minimum. I hate clutter. However, in terms of my wardrobe I would say it reflects me so inaccu…

| The Fashion Tag (15 Questions) | 21/07/17 |

MORNING YOU GORGEOUS BUNCH! Today I thought I would be a little bit cringeeey and step into a blog post that is pretty standard and generic. I admittedly have never done anything like this before, so apologies if this isn't the kind of blog post you'd hoped for haha. So today's blog post is... THE FASHION TAG! Enjoy beauties...

- OUTFIT - Dress: Jack Wills Handbag: ASOS Espadrilles: Dune Sunglasses: Hindsight Vintage Sunglasses
1) What is your style? I would describe my style as quite bohemian, due to the fact that I love loose fitting clothing; neutral colours, and all things tassels and floral which reflect a lot of 70's vibes. However, I do also have 90's grunge tendencies, as mom jeans teamed with an oversized checked shirt, or baggy tees partnered with a thousand rips in my jeans or denim jacket is always right down my street. 
2) Who is your fashion role model? My fashion role model is absolutely without a doubt, Kate Moss. I am completely obsessed and slightly …

| Festival / Holiday Look No.5 | 18/07/17 |

Morning all and welcome to the last festival/holiday look episode of the saga! I am currently feeling absolutely shattered from my wonderful trip away to Spain with George, Sam and Josh - link to Sam's blog here. I will be keeping you all updated with how my first festival experience was shortly, and what I've been wearing through the week, so keep a look out for some brand new posts all about that. But onto today's post, the final episode...get comfy and enjoy...

- OUTFIT -  Sunglasses: Topshop Jacket: ASOS Dress: ASOS Canvas Trainers: H&M

For those who are a little bit bohemian, I feel like this look could inspire an outfit choice for you. The neutral tones, lace up detailing and layered jewellery adds a real bohemian vibe that I am digging so hard. Unfortunately, I purchased these sunglasses last summer and the dress the summer before that, so these are no longer available. However I will add an alternative pair of shades right here and a similar dress here!

I thin…

| Let Yourself Grow | 14/07/17 |

Morning everyone.  As the summer months are passing us by, I challenge you to stop and think, for almost a mid-year reflection. What have you achieved this year? How many times have you stepped out of your comfort zone and pushed the boundaries? Is there anything you have managed to do this year that you never thought you could? 
It is so important for us to occasionally pause from our busy schedules that never naturally give us a breather, and to take an alternative perspective on our every move in order to reflect on whether we are allowing ourselves to grow. To become a better version of ourselves, with more experience, deeper emotions, and fonder memories. 
Today, I aspire to use this blog post to share my own reflection, and the way I am truly feeling in the midst of 2017. Having this platform to share my thoughts is becoming such a great ordeal for me, to be able to express myself in a way I wouldn't usually, and to have a sense of purpose to my life that continues to progr…

| Festival / Holiday Look No.4 | 11/07/17 |

Morning everyone! I hope you've all had a fantastic start to the week, and that you're slowly but surely nearing your summer holidays. In fact, I am going to be jetting off to Spain myself in the early hours of tomorrow, and I could not be more excited. My bag is completely packed now, and I have packed exceptionally light which I am ever-so proud of - considering I am a girl that is passionate about all things fashion, I am actually great at packing light. So, today I wanted to continue the holiday/festival look saga for you all, and I am eager to begin because I am OBSESSED with this outfit...LETS GO!

- OUTFIT - Sunglasses: Hindsight Vintage Sunglasses Top: Nobody's Child Shorts: Vero Moda Sliders: Primark

This outfit is one I am definitely wearing as a complete look whilst I am holiday because I just bloody love it. Its comfortable, appropriate for the sun, easy to wear, looks cool/ festival ready, and I feel great in this!

So, I'm not gonna go on and on about my s…

| Embracing Your Style & Yourself | 07/07/17 |

I love this quote. I was sat on the end of my bed, questioning how I could write a blog post that surrounded the subject of embracing yourself and your style. I began to scour the web and Pinterest pages for words of wisdom and inspirational quotes, because we all love an inspirational quote. I stumbled across this one, and it caught me dead in my tracks - I mean, I wasn't going anywhere I was sat quite still drinking my 42nd cup of tea of the day, but allow the metaphor to stand bold in all its glory. I think that this quote is so significant because it speaks the absolute truth. A non-sugar coated perspective on the importance of embracing who you are unapologetically. 
We all share the natural process of birth and death, and we all belong on the same planet that we call home. But that's as far as we are comparable to every other human being. As a species, we are cornered into stereotypes and into expectations, denying ourselves of the very fact that we are all unique in ou…