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| A Pair Of Jeans Big Enough For Two | 26/01/17 |

Finally, I have gotten round to creating a blog post using my new camera. For those interested, it is the Nikon Coolpix L340 Bridge Camera, and so far I'm loving it. It is definitely not the most professional camera developing high quality images, but for the price I paid and for the fact I am very much a beginner with photography, it will certainly suffice. 


As you know, I am incredibly comfort orientated, and typically avoid 'girly' looks that realistically are completely uncomfortable and leave you unable to even eat without being strangled by the waistline on your Topshop Joni jeans - lol. So, on a day-to-day basis, a pair of good jeans are vital. I have been loving straight leg/mom jeans recently, because they're incredibly comfortable and look so effortless with a chunky knit. Over the past f…

| Casual Attire and Non-Casual Success | 20/01/17 |

Another week, another blog post from me to you. This week has been a busy one in terms of University, as I have been beginning new assignments and receiving feedback and grades from last term. So, to say the least I am very smugly sat here listening to Loyle Carner's new album, and reflecting on my grades from last term. By no means did I get A's all across the board, but I feel particularly content with the grades I was granted, because I feel as though I worked really hard on my assignments. I did feel stressed at times, and felt like the feeling of tension was never going to pass. However, I am definitely ready and motivated for a new term full of new assignments that I hope to work just as hard on. 
I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but similarly I'm also not completely rubbish academically. I do work hard at everything I do, and unless I put in 110% effort, I feel as though I have not succeeded, regardless of the outcome. So as some advice to you all, I would h…

| PINK LADIES | 13/01/17 |

It's not often that I wear pink, and even though I have my new-ish pink Missguided jacket, it definitely hasn't been a go-to piece as it would be if it were black or grey. So this post is a little bit of a diversion from my normal attire, and evidently bolder than I usually feel comfortable wearing.

I recently purchased this top with the hope it would be thoroughly worn over the Christmas and New Year period, however I have struggled to style it up. I think this is partially due to the fact it doesn't sit as nicely across my shoulders as I'd hoped and when wearing it for a long time it does tend to feel quite tight, so it's not a jeans and a top kind of look so much. But, I have styled it here tucked into an A-Line skirt which I've found particularly flattering. It is a very elegant piece especially with the large embroidered flower print across the front, and so with a plain black skirt it just allows the emphasis of the outfit to be on the beautiful embroide…

ASOS Sale Haul

So we seem to have made it through the first week of 2017, what a relief. However, myself along with many of you I'm sure have not come out unscathed. Yes that's right. I'm talking about the S word. SALE. It's undoubtedly everywhere at the moment, and as a fond shopper of ASOS, any excuse to remove some items from my wishlist and I am already there.
Welcome to my ASOS Sale Haul...

I thought I'd start off this year with something a bit different, as I think you will find it interesting. So obviously ASOS are making full use of the January sales, with an up to 70% off deal on selected items on their site. I wanted to grab a few bits that I thought were a bit of a bargain, but instead of just un-boxing them on my own, putting them on and styling them up, I figured I'd share the experience with you guys, and see what I've to say based on first impressions.

I purchased five items from the site, all of which were reduced in some way and I will leave details as t…