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| AU NATUREL | 30/06/17 |

Society is persistently formulating and changing ideas on the ideal state of being, and a strategic method of beauty that we can all supposedly reach by following particular steps. However, if we were all to reach the society driven definition of beauty, we would promptly become minions, complete with the identical features to our neighbours and peers - which in turn, would make us far from beautiful. I wanted to take a moment (and a blog post) to share my thoughts on the concept of beauty, and how in fact I believe beauty deeply comes from within, and is something we unfortunately all cannot easily obtain.

Beauty to me, is undoubtedly 'au naturel', which by dictionary definition is 'with no elaborate treatment, dressing or preparation'. That slightly poofy-eyed, makeup-less face with stretch marked tummies and unwashed hair is the epitome of beauty - I strongly believe. This is because, regardless of whether you had a peaceful eight hours sleep, or a weary night of t…

| Festival / Holiday Look No.2 | 27/06/17 |

I hope you're all having a great week, and have plans for a lovely weekend. So today I've got to share with you my second look inspired by festival season/ summer holidays. This look is a lot less feminine than last week, and so for those of you who couldn't relate to that post, hopefully this one will be more up your street!
Got those espadrilles out, yet again...

- OUTFIT - TOP: Pretty Little Thing SHORTS: Weekday SUNGLASSES: Jeepers Peepers BUM-BAG: Wallets King (Amazon) EARRINGS: ASOS ESPADRILLES: ASOS
Space buns, hun

I feel as though this look is quite cool and chic, and almost slightly rock chick, so for those who aren't the most girly, this might be a look that inspires you more so. Despite the fact I rarely wear denim shorts, I do really like the fit of these. They're from Weekday, and are jet black. They fit snugly over the bum and round the waist, and surprisingly you don't end up with a huge gap between the denim and your tummy which look…

| Lace-up Is Still Relevant | 23/06/17 |

- OUTFIT - Blouse: Honey Punch Sunglasses: Monki Jeans: Primark Espadrilles: ASOS Rucksack: Primark Earrings: ASOS

I am a huge fan of wearing denim, and I frequently opt for a baggy jean on an easy day. I tend to chuck on a plain tee, or a jumper when wearing a pair of jeans, but I've recently been loving a blouse or shirt with a pair of jeans, because they are still comfy, and I think they just bring a bit of life to an outfit - an effortless outfit that still looks great (ANOTHER easy fashion tip). So when I found this lace-up blouse from Honey Punch on the ASOS website, I just couldn't resist. I originally bought my regular size (UK6) however, I found this blouse looked a lot better a little oversized, so I sized up and I do not regret it. It is still relatively fitted, but gives you a little space for comfort, and I am keen to throw this in my beach bag when I go away to use as a beach cover-up too, so I feel this blouse is ever so versatile. 
I adore the lace-up detailin…

| Festival / Holiday Look No.1 | 20/06/17 |

So this is going to be a little 'saga' of looks I've selected that I think would be super appropriate for your summer holidays, or equally just as good as a festival outfit. I am aiming to make them as realistic as possible, in the sense that each outfit is something that I would actually wear on holiday, and also so that each look is relatively affordable and could incorporate items you already have hidden in your wardrobe, alongside more trend-based pieces. Hopefully, this will be a success and may inspire you while planning your own holiday outfits. I don't know about you guys, but I find it ever so tedious trying to plan holiday outfits, so I feel like this would help me! Lastly, I am going away soon myself, so I am hoping to use these blog posts to document outfit ideas that I will be able to wear myself! ENJOY.

- OUTFIT - Top: Pretty Little Thing Skirt: ASOS Sunglasses: Spitfire Earrings: ASOS Espadrilles: ASOS

I feel as though this look is quite a …

| Boho Queen Jewelry & I'm finally a Boho Queen | 15/06/17 |

So this is an unexpected blog post for you all, as I generally post once a week, but EH, its ya lucky day. This blog post is directly linked to the brand Boho Queen Jewelry, who have kindly taken the time to collaborate with me. I have been so excited awaiting my gift from them, and now my earrings and necklace (necklace not in this post) have arrived, I can finally talk to you about how cool their jewellery really is, and why you should head over to their site!

- OUTFIT - Dress:ASOS Earrings: Boho Queen Jewelry Denim Jacket: ASOS
Firstly, I would like to say that their jewellery is particularly decorative, and is incredibly bohemian themed. So, for those of you who love chunky, decorative, or intricate designed jewellery, then you will love Boho Queen Jewelry as a brand, just as much as I do.

Secondly, I want to share my first impressions of their products, to give you all the most accurate review possible. The jewellery was well protected during transit, and the use of b…

| I'm Feeling Tropical | 15/06/17 |


In less than a month I am tooting off to Spain for the festival Benicassim with George and some friends, so the next couple of posts are going to be pretty central to outfits relating to festival attire and what I've been wearing during my trip. So, this is the last 'normal' outfit I will be posting for a few weeks, yet to be honest, this is still relatively holiday appropriate. Hope you enjoy.

Shirt: ASOS
Shorts: ??not sure??
Trainers: ASOS
Earrings: ASOS

sorry about the awful brow

The focal point of this post is evidently this insane shirt by ASOS. When I first came across this shirt on the ASOS website, I absolutely fell in love with the back detailing of it, and also the sketchiness(?) that the print provides. I was also really digging the orange and pink vibes, alongside all the other colours proudly displayed on this piece. However, I must say when it arrived by the lovely DPD that knows me very well now (lol) it really didn't loo…

| Home Comforts & Savvy Bargains | 08/06/17 |

How are we all holding up today? I hope you're all feeling great and that your week has been successful. I am currently feeling pretty tired from exercising today, lol ye I have exercised. I am not one to exercise at all really, and I manage to eat so much processed crap without ballooning which I know seems bizarre. But as much as I love the easy lifestyle a high(ish)-metabolism creates, I feel like I need to start being a bit kinder to my body, so I've been working out recently in the hope my body will be thankful that I'm making a concerted effort to look after it. Anyway, in the essence of kindness, I've got a little bit of a charity themed post for ya'll today so please, grab a cuppa tea and enjoy this read. *grabs cuppa*

- OUTFIT - Top: Pretty Little Thing Jeans: ASOS Earrings: ASOS Trainers: Adidas Cardigan: BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION!!!

First and foremost, I must say I am digging this outfit. It's so me! Despite the fact this cardigan is supe…