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| Heeled Ankle Boots Are Essential | 10/02/17 |

As a student, money can evidently be pretty tight, and affording high quality items of clothing can be a real struggle and an uncommon occurrence. I am terrible for spending money I don't have on jeans and tees that I could definitely survive without, but there is something quite exhilarating about treating yourself to something you've been wanting for a while, and rushing to the front door when the delivery man drops off a parcel of goodies. 

I have more recently struggled to find anything I like and when I have ordered things 9 times out of 10 I have returned them because they've just not been right. I think this is most probably due to the fact online stores and shops are preparing for their new spring arrivals, so the shelves are slightly sparse. But, I did find an absolute gem of a pair of heeled boots on ASOS a few weeks ago - yes of course they're ASOS, I'm addicted. SOS!

So these ankle boots are by the brand Office, which are a well known brand for shoes y…

| 02.02.17 | My Favourite Straight Legged Jeans |

This week has been an awfully cold one, miserable in a way. So I am sat here with a steaming cuppa and a choccy biscuit (a few biccys lets be honest) trying to piece together my affection towards my current wardrobe state. To be honest, I've been focusing on building my wardrobe up with basics because they are quite honestly the most effective way of creating a wardrobe that is practical, so much so that I am beginning to be able to create an outfit with relative speed each day. I must admit I am loving it, and so buying basics is truly the best thing.


So part of my newly build-able wardrobe are these gorgeous jeans by ASOS. I purchased these a few months ago, but ASOS do stock a wide variety of jeans such as these; just search ASOS straight leg jeans in to the search bar and you'll be blessed with many pairs to choose from.
I mostly love these because they're comfortable,…