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| First Year Away From Home | 26/09/17 |

So for today's post, I am marking the end of my first year living away from home. It has been a crazy and wonderful first year experiencing the world from my new home away from my family, and I really have enjoyed every minute of it. Therefore, I deemed it was necessary to pop up a blog post so that I can reflect back to this day, and to remember the joyous first year away from home.
This time last year...

Despite the fact it doesn't even seem like all that long ago I was living back at home, getting my dinner cooked for me and my washing done, I do believe I have learned a great deal in this time. From learning to cook (a bit) to managing my time between social time, uni work and housework, it has all been such a great experience. I have become incredibly independent, and it is something I feel as though I have taken to really well, I love being independent and making my own way around the world. Learning to be brave and manage adult tasks has been interesting, and I have …

| The Uni Tag | 19/09/17 |

1. Where do you study? I am studying my degree at the University of Northampton. Check them out here.
2. What do you study? The course I am studying is BA Fashion Marketing. It is divided by business modules, and fashion modules, and is a three year course.
3. What year are you in? I am about to begin my second year, and am incredibly excited. I love uni life and the whole university experience. Although, this year I am going to have a lot more work to do, so I will be considerably more focused this year - maybe even go out slightly less lol :(
4. Do you live at home or at uni? I live in a house in Northampton and share it with my housemate Lauren.
5. How old are you? I am 19 years old, turning 20 in November.
6. What are your three uni essentials? I would say, in terms of university, my three essentials are 1. a trusty notepad that can be used for to-do lists as well as writing notes in lectures; 2. a lighter - during freshers you will meet a lot of people on nights out, who are almost always …

| Autumn Is On The Way | 12/09/17 |

I am in absolute shock at how quickly this year is passing us by, how is it already September? As we all know, September is that time of year where everyone goes back to school/college/uni and we begin the much anticipated warm up to hot chocolate, fluffy socks and CHRISTMAS. Fear not, don't run away, I'm not one of those crazy Christmas people who begins to prepare the following Christmas in January, its just something to think about...

Autumn is becoming apparent now, and leaves will soon be falling from the trees, boots and coats will be dusted off from last year, and we will all begin to say those forbidden words, 'I am so cold'. Alongside many, Autumn is one of my favourite times of year, particularly in terms of fashion. I am a huge fan of comfort over style (ironically) so Autumn gives me the perfect excuse to allow my baggy jumpers and checked shirts to pass as fashion pieces. So today, I thought I would share with you all my first composed AW17 look. Please e…

| Unwinding | 05/09/17 |

Morning you lovely lot! Today on the blog, I have a post all about being able to relax at the end of the day, and how I most like to unwind. We have such busy lives and schedules, that it is so important to take some time at the end of the day to chill out and declutter your mind from the thoughts of the day. Here are the five ways in which I best unwind, and maybe you too could have a think about how you allow yourself to relax.
1. Cuppa tea The most obvious(ly British) way to unwind is to grab yourself a cup of tea. For me, drinking a cup of tea is one of the single most effective and easiest ways to help me unwind. The whole tea experience is something to enjoy, making the perfect brew in your preferred mug, grabbing a couple of biscuits or the whole packet if you fancy it and sitting down to watch Netflix. Before almost completely forgetting that you made the tea but then suddenly saving it when its gone slightly luke warm and the disappointment on your face is unruly... I mean, I …