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| Welcoming Spring | 19/03/17 |

Evening all - Happy Sunday! I hope you're having a chilled out day, lounging on the sofa and mentally preparing for the new week's arrival. I would just like to say how crazy this year has been so far, and how I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone. I do apologise for not having posted in a few weeks, but understandably University life has caught up with me, and my workload has been far from light. But with assessments and deadlines coming up this week, I feel like a slight weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and that I can push on for one final week before I break up for Easter - HURRAH.

So I don't know about everywhere else in the UK, but Northampton has had some glorious weather this week, and has made me particularly excited for Spring. I have even made the mighty step of putting my thickest jumpers and coats into storage, and in their place I have popped a few Spring-like blouses and dresses, and swapped my heavy denim with some more lightweight pairs…