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40 pence

Evening all!
I just wanted to make a quick blog post for you all, and rather than focusing on a combination of items to create a certain look, I wanted to just draw your attention to one thing. My bucket hat. My eBay jackpot. My 40p purchase. 
Ok, so obviously this is a bucket hat not to everybody's taste, and to be honest it won't match with the vast majority of my wardrobe. However, it will be the most practical hat for the summer and/or holidays! So it will look fab with a bikini or swimsuit, or a beachy outfit. 
I just wanted to stress to you all that designer items or even high street items can often be overpriced and at times, you ought to remember if you take a little extra time, you can find yourselves a little gem for a great price. 
See you sooooon 

Milk it vintage

Dress: Milk It Vintage Leather Jacket: Heeli Ripped jeans: Topshop Trainer pumps: Asos Rucksack: Fjallraven Kanken 
Hey! A slow, slightly slurred good morning from me to you, but eh that's what Sunday's are for right...
So today I wanted to share with you a blog post containing some simple, casual items, that actually I wear pretty often. So firstly, the dress from Milk It Vintage is something I only purchased about a month ago from Asos and I would highly recommend you take a look at their range of items on the Asos site. So it's a Tshirt style dress with large rips in one shoulder, side and chest (but not too big at the chest, rest assured). I have worn it as a top rather than a dress in this styling, however I have found that it works perfectly both ways. It is incredibly comfortable, soft, and not fitted at all. The only defect it has is that the label on the inside of the neckline is ridiculously itchy !!!!! 
So anyway, I styled this dress with some basic Topshop Joni jeans,…


Afternoon my lovely lovely readers!!
I have literally vanished off the blogging planet since the beginning of January, and I obviously therefore haven't been updating you with trendy treasures, so I'm sorry for that!! Sometimes though, you need to take a break (a six month break lol) and since I had Alevels this year I really needed to focus my time on those. Also, I've had a bit of a rocky year so far and so I really needed to spend some time on myself and my own well being. But I am 100% back and ready to get back on board with the blog. I am sooo excited! So I hope you enjoy :)
Dress: Kiss The Sky (Asos)  White Sunglasses: Primark Peach Sunglasses: Topshop Heels: Asos  Fringe bag: New Look Hoop earrings: Asos
So, this year I have been completely infatuated so far with festival inspired items of clothing, boho patterns and as always, I've been enjoying fringing on items. So, I figured that this dress would be perfect for a summers day, as it's got the most lovely boho in…