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Keeping up with the casual-attire

I hope you're having a fabulous Friday doing crazy fun stuff (in which case this may be happy hangover Saturday because you're not likely to be browse- happy tonight) - anyway...

I thought I'd blog about something a bit more personal, an outfit that's more down-to-earth in the sense that it represents my day-to-day style. I am definitely guilty of being a jeans and a nice top kind of gal, and for that, this outfit accurately represents my laziness/ casual daily attire. 

Sunglasses: Topshop Leather jacket: Heely's Smock top/ dress: Asos  Choker: Asos Jeans: Topshop Sandals: ????? 
I must admit, the only recent item in this outfit is the choker, and I would definitely recommend taking a look on Asos if you're keen to try out a choker because I have lived in mine all summer. It's so comfortable and I managed to find a style online that I thought would suit my style and look flattering rather than looking like I'm chained up to a lead on a daily …


Good evening to all my little ray's of GLORIOUS sunshine. As always, it's taken me about 5 billion years to get myself motivated enough to get out of my pyjamas and shoot some snaps, then to sit and write a post - but here I am on this gorgeous sunny evening, with a cup of tea to hand, ready to share some thoughts. 

As Vfest has just passed, and the festival season is slowly coming to a close, I thought it was only right that I shared a post about festivals/ festival wear. As a little introvert who never ventures out into the world of festivals (I.e too poor to afford tickets) I've discovered my wardrobe is definitely limited in terms of crazy raving attire, but I've tried to rustle something up that I hope is appropriate. 
Sunglasses: Asos Choker Necklace: Asos Bikini Top: Asos Denim Shorts: Monki Coin belt: EBay Fringed Boots: Asos

I wouldn't say I'm the most extravagant person, so I think this look is quite a subtle festival outfit, that I think looks a little crazy…