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Styling for Autumn

I finally feel like Autumn is really upon us - which means it is now appropriate to layer up, pop the fluffy socks on under your boots and embrace those nude colours! 
Firstly, apologies for the absence of a Fashion Friday post, I found myself unable to piece together an outfit I felt happy with, so I was weak and gave up - ha! 
Coat: F&F Shirt: TKMaxx Jeans: New Look Boots: Asos
This assembly of items is really just aiming to excite you all about Autumn and to make you think about how you want to dress for the chilly weather this season. Personally, I find Autumn is a fantastic time of year because it's cold enough to feel cosy in all of your layers, however you don't have to worry about being genuinely cold because it's not quite reached freezing yet!! Also, I am really looking forward to wearing boots and warm socks and layering up with wool jumpers and shirts so that when I'm out walking the dog in the fields covered in crispy golden leaves, I can really get a feel f…

1990's Jennifer Aniston: Friends!! - Fashion Week

So today I thought I would use some true 90's inspiration to create this blog post, and who other than the divine Jennifer Aniston???
So Rachel Green from friends is everyone's favourite character, partly because Jennifer Aniston is HAWT, but also because she always looked so effortlessly cool in Friends. I have chosen two of her gorgeous looks and recreated them by browsing on Asos! 
Outfit one: Top: Asos The Turtle Neck Crop Top With Long Sleeves £12.00  Skirt: Fred Perry A-Line Tartan Skirt £90.00 Socks: American Apparel Knee High Striped Sock £10.00 (also available in purple and yellow stripes) Shoes: Dr Martens 1461 Classic Black Flat Shoes £90.00
Obviously you could find yourselves a less expensive version of the tartan skirt, and opt for a slightly different brand of shoe to cut down the cost, but this is what I found would be as close of a match to Jennifer Anistons Classic 90's look. I think this outfit is great, it fits her figure incredibly well a…

Bomber jackets brought back - The 80's - Fashion Week

Evening my lovely lovely friends!
To give you the low-down, I was having an absolute crisis in attempting to find something I owned that was remotely 70's. So I ditched the 70's with no regrets and got myself wrapped up in the 80's! Enjoy x
So, this outfit kind of brings in different aspects of the 80's. Lycra dancewear and leg warmers were unbelievably cool during the 80's, which was my inspiration for the Tshirt crop top in polka dot. This is from New Look and I must admit I do not actually own this, it belongs to my sister. Personally, I find cropped tops so uncomfortable and unsettling - and if I do decide to show off a little tummy, I 100% go for a baggy top - not sure why I just feel much more confident wearing that, and comfort is the most important thing! BUT in the 80's, the tighter and brighter the better! I paired this top with some jeans which are also from New Look. I purchased these rather recently and they are part of their A/W15 range. They are in…

Peace, love, rock and roll - SEXY SIXTIES - Fashion Week

So today's looked is 60's inspired. When I was researching different time periods I was actually quite surprised at how much I didn't know about the sixties. Anyway, this is the outfit I came up with, I hope you liiiiiike it!
So the belted shift dress is from Warehouse and has a felt kind of texture. The belt really brings it in nicely at the waistline, which I think makes it a really flattering piece, no matter what your body shape - it's pretty versatile! Also, I think the bold red colour is perfect for this time of year and as we draws closer to Christmas. I would definitely wear this as it is on a day-to-day basis, or alternatively pair it with a polo neck and thick tights on much colder days. 
Both the sunglasses and shoes have been in my blog before (I have said that so much recently haha I apologise), however the focus is primarily the dress anyway. The shoes, if you're interested, are from New Look and the sunglasses are from Topshop. 
I realise I've …

Being a proper lady of the 1950's - Fashion Week

Good Morning to you all, and let me take you back to the 1950's!!!! I am ever so excited for you to see this blog post as I am absolutely in love with the finished look I created. 
Firstly, and the most predominant aspect of the look, the suit. This is an original suit worn in the 1950's; and was once worn by a lady attending her Univeristy interview - sheek! I adore this suit so so much, I have worn the jacket with more contemporary items before and it always looks smashing! It is very fitted, and is pulled in right at the waistline, giving you a very definitive feminine figure! Hurray! If you ever find yourself in a position to purchase a vintage suit, do it - you won't regret it! 
The shoes and hat I am wearing have featured in my blog before. The shoes are from Mifani Shoes and I absolutely love their range of shoes, you ought to check out their brand yourselves! My hat is from Asos and again, head over to Asos because they have a gorgeous selection of fedora and floppy …

1940's Tea Party - London Fashion Week

It's London Fashion Week this week, as some of you may already know, so it's a pretty exciting time for those of us who are fashion fanatics! If you follow me on Instagram: @angelhowarth then you may be aware that in celebration of London Fashion Week I am going to be blogging every day. Every day this week I will be choosing a time period and dressing accordingly. Fashion has been around for so many years, and to reflect upon how fashion has changed or in fact stayed the same, I thought fashion week was the perfect opportunity to show case this. ENJOY! 
So today's look is 1940's inspired. The tea dress I am wearing was purchased from a vintage fair in Leeds: The Kilo Sale. I actually purchased this only a few days ago, but fell in love with it. Thankfully, it actually fits me which was lucky since I never actually tried it on - in fact it fits me like a glove which is a real bonus. There is some slight wear and tear on parts of the dress, however since this seems to be…

Awkward trousers and cats?!

Happy Fashion Friday! 
I actually feel like I've not posted in so long... It's only been a week though. Hmm. 
So today I thought I would share with you something I've had for a while but it seems is coming back into fashion; flares! I bought these trousers from Asos just under a year ago, and I've not worn them too often, partly because they're such an awkward length that I'm never certain what to wear them with, but also because they're quite adventurous I feel. Since flares are coming back into fashion, these lovelies need to make an appearance!! 
I'm going to say these trousers are essentially boot cut length, however I feel they are more like ankle swingers haha! They are undescribably comfortable, and the D ring belt pulls them in at the waistline so they're not sluggish - but stylish! Furthermore, I think in order for you to pull off flares, you need to tone everything down and make your trousers the ultimate statement and prominent aspect of you…

Made in Chelsea ... BOOTS

It's that time of week once again, Fashion Friday!! And aside from the made in Chelsea pun, and the fact that I am 100% completely hooked on binge watching Made In Cheslea, I do actually have direction with this blog post! 
So as Autumn is drawing closer and closer for those of us in the not-so-sunny UK, you will know that it's starting to get bloody freezing and it's already getting dark earlier *sob*!! Therefore, we need to stock up our wardrobes with some essentials so that we are well prepared for WINTER! 
Last Autumn/ Winter I majorly opted for heeled boots and I lived in them throughout most days, although not on icy days - too dangerous! However, this year I have been super excited about wearing Cheslea boots. Partly because they're far more comfortable, but also because Asos have a divine selection! 
The boots I am wearing are actually from Asos, surprise surprise! I have only recently purchased them and have only worn them a handful of times, however I am absolut…