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Tough as old boots

I would just like to begin by apologising for the mishap of last weeks blog post. I began to edit the photos and piece together the post for you, but I then changed my mind on the layout of it all and had one of those 'ew look at me' moments - so I discarded the whole idea.. oops! However, here I am, back in the driving seat ready and raring to go. 

Jacket: Asos Choker: Reclaimed Vintage Earrings: Asos Checked shirt: H&M (men's) Fitted cropped jumper: Asos Ripped jeans: Topshop Joni Jeans Boots: Asos

I must admit that as much as I adore summer and the warmer season, I am definitely excited about autumn/ winter months and being able to layer up and keep cosy at all times. I also love the colder weather because it means one thing... CHRISTMAS IS COMING! (Soon). Anyway, I wanted to share this blog post with you, mainly as an excuse to whip out and dust off my go-to boots from Asos. I love these boots so much because as a Chelsea boot, they're quite adventurous. T…


Happy Fashion Friday guys! I hope you're all doing well and (if in the UK) enjoying the rest of the sunny weather while it lasts... Quick spoiler: this blog post does not represent making the most of the sun. Lol.

Dress: Rokoko So this dress that I purchased from the Asos website is by a brand called Rokoko and they sell an array of beautifully made, unique pieces. I actually wore this dress for my sixth form leavers summer ball ...  *Insert image here *

I think that the detail is so beautiful on this dress, the small lace bells sleeves tie in with the lace choker and lace detailing on the back, making it so elegant. The quality of this dress is also really lovely, and I think it'll definitely stay with me for a long time to come. 
Also wearing: necklace by Anna Saccone, hoop earrings are Asos, and the shoes in the summer ball photo are by New Look!
See you all next week for another post!!!

A cuppa tea solves everything - A British Tradition

Happy Friday guys! 
I hope you're all well and that your day is fun filled. I really wanted my vintage tea dress to make another appearance on the blog, because it's too gorgeous to sit in my wardrobe much longer - and also because it's not a winter/ autumnal piece and we are definitely running low on summer time...

I also think this dress can be dressed both up and down, so I wanted to execute the way it's totally cool to keep it casual when wearing vintage pieces, and that a cheap tatty pair of Asos trainer pumps can be worn with timeless items - that's what I am hoping for anyway, ha. 

It saddens me to think that in a few years this dress will most definitely not fit me as the stitching is ever so delicate and I even struggle to raise my arms without the fear of that awful *kkkkkkrr* tearing noise - it's quite unbearable!! So, luckily for you, you may become quite sick of seeing this item, but I want to make the most of being small enough to wear it and I think…