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A New Found Love & Wild Attractions

Whilst I am sat here in my old bedroom back home - which feels so distant now that I have moved away - I thought I would write to you all and update you on some of my current favourite staple items of clothing. I have literally just painted my nails a festive and sparkling silver, as they have grown incredibly long over the past weeks. So, I am taking full advantage of this before they become broken or chipped, however it is considerably more difficult to type with speed. Lol. It's a hard nut life.
So this evening I aspire to share with you a few treasures that I have recently and guiltily purchased from Asos. And may I add that my addiction with online shopping on Asos has peaked awfully high, In fact I am unsure how I still have any of my student loan left, to be honest. But, without further adoo, here is my little ensemble.

- OUTFIT - Parka Coat: Noisy May (Asos) Check Shirt: Noisy May (Asos) Tee: Topshop Jeans: Asos Boots: New Look (Asos)
This outfit is espe…

A Birthday And Christmas In London I'll Never Forget

Evening all.
So firstly I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about you, I just opted for a couple of weeks off from the blog since it has been my birthday and I have also had a few important deadlines at University. But, you'll be (hopefully) pleased to know that I am back to share with you a new post, followed by many over the Christmas period. How exciting.

 So last weekend was ever so exciting, as I spent a night away with George wandering the streets of London, and visiting a few places that we both wished to take a peek at. Our first stop after the long train journey in which we spent watching 'Phoneshop' and the 'Gavin and Stacey' Christmas special, was the Aquarium. And yes, that was after a cheeky 'McDonalds'pit-stop.

Aside from the fact I had to drink my coffee faster than I imagined possible because of the 'no drinks allowed' policy, and the fact that for a large proportion of the time you could only see about th…