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2015 unedited.

Morning guys,
So today is the last day of the year, 31/12/2015!
As a result, I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk to you about my year, my blogging, and general bits and pieces. Most importantly, are any of you making New Year's resolutions? I know I am, and I'm going to 'try' to post more regularly and be a little bit more creative with my blog posts - but eh, does anyone stick to their resolutions? We shall see...
Also, I know I've only been blogging for half of 2015, but this year has definitely been one to reflect on my blog, and how far I've come. I know my blog isn't rocketing sky high or anything, but I've thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make my blog look cool, how to edit photos and also how to struggle with keeping up to date with posts - tricky business. 
I don't have any brands to brag about today, nor do I have any reviews of anything in particular, but to coincide with the theme of 'unedited', I thought I would post som…

Angel brownies

Morning guys, 
So yesterday I decided it would be fun to make some brownies but also adding a Christmas twist! So I whipped out my rose gold Angel cutter that I purchased from Sainsbury's - it's currently in the sale for something crazy like £1 and 'tried' to make some yummy festive treats. ALSO; this is my first baking themed blog post, therefore you have to let me off for poor aesthetics on the presentation front!! 
So firstly, preheat the oven to 180-160 degrees Celsius and then you need to measure out the cocoa, butter and sugar, and pop them in a large saucepan. Keep the heat on the hob low, it just needs to gently melt the ingredients together. Keep mixing too, or it'll stick to the bottom of the pan which is no good!
Then, once mixed together, beat your eggs, and slowly add to the mixture. Only add a little at a time, mix, then add a bit more! It…

Amsterdam 2015/2016

Evening my lovely lovely friends! I have some super exciting news for you all... Firstly, this is my first non fashion related post...ooooh. But also, I am incredibly excited to tell you all that I will be in Amsterdam for a few days in January, hoping to share with you my outfits, travelling process and other experiences in the beautiful city that is Amsterdam. 

First of all, as some of you may know, I have already visited Amsterdam once before - last January in fact, and I absolutely loved it - hence why it was my choice of preference for this years trip. So, I just thought I would give you all an insight into what Amsterdam is like if you didn't know, and to share what I have experienced so far. I would also love if you could recommend me places to visit and ideas of what I may like to do. I am staying for a little longer than I did last time, so I will have time for a lot more magical adventures!

Firstly, this is where I stayed, 'Hotel Europa 92' which was a really sweet…

Cheeky monki headwear

*Jonothan Joly voice* HELLO FRIENDS!
Beanie: Monki Top: Asos petite Jeans: Liquor and Poker Ankle boots: Asos
So today I wanted to post something a little chilled and relaxed, but also something very relevant to my life right now. As the weather is getting colder, I am definitely noticing the pinch in the air and whilst a coat  keeps you warm to an extent, sometimes you need a little more. So, I decided to brave the idea of wearing a hat, cause they look super cool on so many people that I have seen about, and also people I follow (stalk) on Instagram... No shame ... But you have to admit Poppy Deyes and Emma Louise Connolly pull of the beanie look with flying colours. Therefore, whilst on my many Asos searches, I delved into the world of beanies. And what a brilliant idea it was too! I absolutely adore this beanie by Monki, purely because it is so bloomin' warm! It's shearling material and so whilst it is fluffy and soft, it has a little more room for wear and tear than a faux fur…

Today is going to be a good day

Evening my lovelies, and Happy December!!
I can't believe how quickly Christmas is coming around, and I'm hoping to share with you some Christmassy blog posts (if I keep organised which I have not been recently). So anyway, hello, I hope the Christmas shopping is treating you well and that you're all excited for the joy that December brings!
So today I wanted to share with you something very cosy and casual... Pyjamas! 
So basically, it was my birthday on Saturday and one of my very kind gifts was a voucher for Topshop. I usually avoid Topshop because I'm definitely more of an Asos-aholic, however for underwear purposes, Topshop is FANTASTIC. So here I am scrolling down the Topshop app, completely clueless of what to buy then *lightbulb moments* I have the realisation that my pyjama collection is slacking. Now whilst browsing, I 110% recommend heading over to Topshop if you want to treat yourself to some CUTE pj's because the ones I picked out are divine. 
So they'…