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Angel brownies

Morning guys, 

So yesterday I decided it would be fun to make some brownies but also adding a Christmas twist! So I whipped out my rose gold Angel cutter that I purchased from Sainsbury's - it's currently in the sale for something crazy like £1 and 'tried' to make some yummy festive treats. ALSO; this is my first baking themed blog post, therefore you have to let me off for poor aesthetics on the presentation front!! 


So firstly, preheat the oven to 180-160 degrees Celsius and then you need to measure out the cocoa, butter and sugar, and pop them in a large saucepan. Keep the heat on the hob low, it just needs to gently melt the ingredients together. Keep mixing too, or it'll stick to the bottom of the pan which is no good!

Then, once mixed together, beat your eggs, and slowly add to the mixture. Only add a little at a time, mix, then add a bit more! It will look a little sloshy, but don't worry, it's supposed to (I think). 

Once the egg is nicely mixed in, add your flour and mix once more until everything is altogether. 

Once you're finished, grab a large baking tin, line it with grease-proof paper so that the brownies don't stick to the pan, and pour in the mixture. Once level, and once you've licked the spoon clean (I know you want to) then pop your mixture in the oven for around 45 mins. Double check them after 30 mins to see how they're getting on, because mine took only 40 mins so I think you just have to use your initiative to be honest!

Once they're ready, leave them out to cool on a cooling tray, until they're cool enough to handle. 

Once cooled, whip out your favourite cutter, and start to carefully press onto the brownies. I could only get 5/6 angels out of my mixture, but if you double the ingredients or make a second batch or just use a smaller cutter, you will get a lot more out! Finally, once you've cut them all out, sprinkle some icing sugar onto them so they look pretty and there you have it, the perfect festive treat! 

I hope you liked my post, sorry it's not a fashion one haha and sorry I'm no Mary Berry!


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