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Power heels!

OUTFIT ONE: Sunglasses: Topshop Cropped vest: Asos Blazer: New Look Jeans: H&M  Shoes: New Look
OUTFIT TWO: Dress: Missguided Clutch: Next Shoes: New Look
HAPPY FASHION FRIDAY YA'LL! As promised, this week I have focused my fashion Friday post on some heels I purchased this week. I purchased these white heels from New Look for a cracking £9 in the sale that they are currently having at the moment. I could not resist them, as I believe they are such a versatile pair - which leads me on to the whole point of this post. I wanted to express my thoughts towards the versatility of these shoes by pairing them with both a dressed up and dressed down outfit. 

The first outfit is a more day-to-day casual approach. The jeans and blazer have featured in my blog posts previously, however I just wanted to demonstrate the fact that these New Look shoes rock with jeans. The cropped disco vest from Asos matches well with this outfit, because it draws in the white from the shoes with the white vest, bringi…

'On Wednesdays we wear pink!'

...I wish it was a Wednesday, for the Mean Girls quote would be even better!  For this blog post I was kinda aiming for fun, bubbly and smiley... 
So apart from feeling like Malibu Barbie mixed with Ken, I also feel like this outfit is really fun! Pink is definitely a fun colour, but also quite girly, and I adore this combination - I think it's so sweet!
Firstly, the top. I absolutely larrrve this cropped top from Asos because even though it's quite simple, I think it really makes a statement. It is quite revealing, since it's cropped and virtually backless, with a button top and D ring belt at the back (convenient because it can be tightened to fit) however, I think it remains classy, particularly as the neckline is relatively high.  The shorts I am wearing are from Missguided and I purchased these last summer. These are brilliant because they are beyond comfortable! I really love the fact that the zip is at the back of the shorts because it means there are no bulges on your …

(Wo)men in black

Hey, guess what day it is?? FASHION FRIDAY!! 
So apart from looking like one of the men in black, I was actually aiming for a cool/ business/ office look... 
As many of you will have recently received your gcse and alevel results, you may be going on to sixth form, a 9-5 office job, college, university etc etc etc. Therefore, you're probably wondering what you're going to have to wear. I myself go to sixth form and find that sometimes you can't be bothered to put effort into your appearance - so here's a suggestion that's smart but simple :) enjoy :)
This blazer is from New Look and is ideal for making an outfit look instantly smart. The blazer I'm wearing is actually size 10 so it's slightly on the large side, although I don't mind that because it makes it more slouchy and comfortable, rather than feeling like you're attending a job interview. 
I paired this with m…

Autumnal creations !

JUMPER: Noisy May  SKIRT: River Island  SHOES: Minnetonka  JACKET: Asos  SHOULDER BAG: Asos 
Evening friends!!
This week I have really not found an opportunity to create a mid-week blog post for you all. Partly because I've been super busy, also because the weather has been rubbish and also because I am not yet 'Autumn ready' and therefore creating Autumn looks is proving difficult. 
However, I've taken this evening to rustle up some ideas of what's in my saved basket on my Asos account and to show you a possible outfit that is perfect for this time of year. 

I thought the use of white and nudes is particularly suited to this time of year - summery colours but with a different spin to incorporate the weather change. The roll neck jumper by Noisy May is really great for the end of August/ September because it is knitted but still lightweight and a loose knit, so you won't boil if the sun makes an appearance. It's also very reasonably priced, at £22. I paired it with…

University open day!

So today I am off to visit a University which I am so excited about. I wanted to look smart for this occasion, but didn't want to look like I was in a business meeting or attending a family wedding - so!! 
The dress I am wearing I have used in a previous blog post and it's from ASOS! I love this dress because it's so comfortable and not at all bodycon so if you are wearing it for an entire day, you aren't crying inside because you need to take it off! I paired this with a cotton belt from WAREHOUSE which originally matches with a skirt I have, but I thought I would use it to finish off this dress.  I bought this shirt from TKMAXX and so it may be difficult for you to find this shirt yourself because they don't have a huge array of stock in their stores, however the brand is SANS SOUCI so good luck trying to find that, haha. I like this shirt because it's so lightweight and is slightly baggy so again, gives your body freedom to move - horray! I also added …

Up-cycled items!!

As promised, here is my upcycling blog post. The top and jeans were both bought, but modified to something more edgy. 
Top: Topshop  Jeans: H&M  Heels: Asos
The top from Topshop was originally a tea dress in size 12. The skirt was tightly pleated and obviously did not fit me. I cut the dress at the elasticated waist and sewed a new hem onto it. As I am not a keen lover of crop tops, I added a lace border to give it slightly extra length. The dress was backless but to make it a  tighter fit, I sewed it tighter together so that there is now only a small hole in the back. I also took in the sides to make it a tighter fit. Overall, I love this top because it's so quirky and original, and also it feels kind of vintage, a little shabby sheek!! 
The jeans I bought in the sale in H&M for £9. They're slightly too baggy for me and I wasn't keen on the style. To make them more edgy I cut and distressed the knees - this is also quite trendy at the moment so I decided it was n…

Taking all what's left of summer/ festival season

Floppy hat: Asos Sunglasses: Asos Scarf: Asos Knitted dress: TU Sainsbury's Bag: Marchino Sandals: Asos
This could potentially be my last summery blog post for a while, unless there's a miracle and the sun comes out ASAP! Therefore, I felt it was necessary to post a festival style outfit. And yes, the facepaint is appalling but who cares eh?! 
Since this floppy hat from Asos is new to my wardrobe, I'm determined to feature it in many of my outfits and blog posts as possible. This hat is perfect for summer because it really does protect your face and eyes from the sun, however it is also a great wind barrier on these chillier summer days. I think it's definitely festival appropriate as most festivals are held outside, so, if you're going to any of the remaining festivals this summer, I would highly recommend packing a floppy hat! Asos also have a great range of floppy hats, not just this one!! 
As I've mentioned before, these sunglasses are perfect for a festival kind o…

Fashion Friday Asos collaboration

Dress: Asos Heels: Asos Floppy hat: Asos 
I absolutely love Asos because you can purchase pretty much everything and they supply clothing from so many different brands. However, Asos also have their own brand and I thought I would take this fashion Friday blog post to share just how fabulous Asos can be.  The dress is an off-White colour and is very simple, yet brilliant! The lace chest really follows the current trend and the detailing from this means the dress can be quite simple in other aspects. There are two pockets on the side of the dress which makes it feel quite smart- casual which is great if you want to dress it up with heels or you can also wear it with flip flops or trainer pumps. The dress isn't fitted which means it suits a variety of body shapes and doesn't make you feel constrained by your dress. It feels great on and I think you could even pull it off with leggings or tights for when the weather gets a bit colder. 
These Asos peep toe boots are perfect for Autumn …


So I picked the gloomiest, least sunny day to shoot this - clever! 
Sunglasses are definitely an essential for summer and finding the right pair at the right price can sometimes be difficult. Personally, I struggle with two things with sunglasses: 1) finding a pair that stay on my head 2) keeping a pair and keeping them unbroken for more than one summer. 
Pink round sunglasses: Asos Pink/ orange metal frame sunglasses: Topshop Subtle cat eye sunglasses: Topshop
When looking for a pair of sunglasses, I usually hit the high street. Purely because they're reasonably priced but also because it means I won't cry if I lose them or break them (I usually do). Topshop are brilliant for sunglasses, they have a huge range of different styles, colours and shapes so I would definitely recommend their range this year. The pink/ orange metal pair, I purchased for £15 from Topshop. I like them because they're relatively subtle in terms of the translucent plastic frame and the thin metal sides.…