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5 pet hates ...

Evening guys, so I was just browsing on asos and cringing at some of the things I was scrolling through. So I decided to blog about it. Standard. 
I am going to guide you through my top 5 fashion pet hates, the things you will probably never see me wear!!

Number 5: The cropped tank top 
Ok, so I just wanna say that it doesn't bother me if you wear any of the things I put up on my top 5 pet hates, however I just personally do not understand why you like them, that's all. Lol.  So the cropped tank top. It's tight and makes your boobs look squashed. It also is at the complete wrong height, where your belly button is just peeping out, but it still lets your rolls hang out - not so flattering in my opinion. Already, WHY?! I also feel like it squashes all your middle together and leaves your arms to bulge out and I just end up feeling like I'm being squeezed at the tummy and all my flesh is forced out into my arms - it's just so uncomfortable!!! To be honest, tank tops are f…

Accommodation review: Lloyd Hotel And Cultural Embassy Amsterdam

So I returned from my fun-filled trip to Amsterdam in the early hours of Friday morning, and to be honest, I've had a hard time recovering from the colossal amount of food I ate, the probable litres of prosecco I drank, and I surely must have been close to a ga-zillion steps through the 6 days I was wondering around the most beautiful city I have ever visited. As a second timer, I found Amsterdam even better than the first time, so if you are considering going to Amsterdam and you've been before so are hesitant, GO FOR IT! Similarly, if you've never been and are intrigued or you have stalked my Instagram recently, the temptation needs to be given in to - everything is Instagrammable ok! 
So I have numerous blog posts lined up around the subject of my visit to Amsterdam, and firstly I want to share with you my accommodation experience. 
Lloyd hotel and cultural embassy is located close by to a gorgeous river, but is equally only a 15 minute tram ride away fro…