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'Turtle neck' season has arrived!

Leather jacket: Heeleys Dress: Miss Selfridge Necklace: H&M Boots: Asos
Afternoon all! So winter is rapidly drawing closer, and Autumn is definitely in full swing. The best thing about that is the fact we can dress up in 100 layers and be all cosy wherever we may be going. This blog post is central to showing you my beautiful dress from Miss Selfridge which I have been really looking forward to wearing. It's a cream swing dress, with soft lined pockets - beyond comfy! Also, despite the fact it's knitted, it is not at all suffocating or too hot, it's simply perfect for this in between weather. As it reaches December, I may pop a long sleeved top underneath alongside some thick wool tights just to keep me even warmer on frosty days. It looks really chic with ankle boots, however I may delve into the world of knee high boots because this dress would look gorgeous with a pair of long black boots. Overall, it is an awesome staple item and I can definitely see myself wearing thi…

Younique 3D lashes

I know it has been literally forever since I've posted, but A-Levels are damn stressful, particularly when you've UCAS deadlines, work and a poor excuse of a social life to fit in as well! But here I am, better late than never eh?! 
Today's blog post is completely different to what you've seen before, primarily because it's not a fashion post, but a make up post. Oooo...
So I've decided to increase my workload, idiot I know, and I have now become an independent Younique representative. Fancy!
I just wanted to quickly show you all the power of Youniques 3D lashes. Now I have ridiculously short eyelashes and I'm not particularly gifted with makeup applying abilities, however this is a small insight into Youniques 3D lashes. There are two rods, the gel and the fibres, where you  apply the gel, then the fibres at the tips of your lashes before reapplying the gel to finish that 'falsies' affect! 
This is a super speedy blog post and I'm …