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Styling for Autumn

I finally feel like Autumn is really upon us - which means it is now appropriate to layer up, pop the fluffy socks on under your boots and embrace those nude colours! 

Firstly, apologies for the absence of a Fashion Friday post, I found myself unable to piece together an outfit I felt happy with, so I was weak and gave up - ha! 

Coat: F&F
Shirt: TKMaxx
Jeans: New Look
Boots: Asos

This assembly of items is really just aiming to excite you all about Autumn and to make you think about how you want to dress for the chilly weather this season. Personally, I find Autumn is a fantastic time of year because it's cold enough to feel cosy in all of your layers, however you don't have to worry about being genuinely cold because it's not quite reached freezing yet!! Also, I am really looking forward to wearing boots and warm socks and layering up with wool jumpers and shirts so that when I'm out walking the dog in the fields covered in crispy golden leaves, I can really get a feel for this time of year. 

So, the coat I am wearing is F&F from Tesco and I actually purchased this last year, close to Christmas, and got it for a bargain price. I love the colour and also love the style, a long coat really does keep you so much warmer than a bomber jacket or leather jacket might, and therefore it can last you through both Autumn and Winter. I paired this with a combination I've been wearing a lot recently - the shirt and jeans. The shirt is a great staple shirt as its relatively simple and can be worn both under a jumper and over a vest top. However, my real love is for these jeans from New Look. I absolutely love these because they are beyond comfortable, are very tight fitting which is surprising as I usually struggle with jeans being baggy at the ankle because I'm too short for them! These jeans tick all the boxes, and I feel they pair well with black and white best. I would 100% recommend New Look for their AW15 collection because they really do have some absolute gems - both jeans but also their jumpers and tops are on point! Last of all, the boots. These ankle boots were purchased last year and I bought these from Asos. I constantly find myself browsing on Asos for boots as I cannot ever choose a single pair because they are all so lovely - so much choice! However I bought these as they are flats and at the time I owned mostly heeled shoes. I actually got them for my holiday to Amsterdam because I assumed I'd be doing a lot of walking - which I did. Another great thing about these boots is that they are very spacious and comfortable which means you can fit some snug socks underneath without anyone knowing - sneaky! 

Hope you liked today's post! 
See you soon!

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