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| Autumn Is On The Way | 12/09/17 |

I am in absolute shock at how quickly this year is passing us by, how is it already September? As we all know, September is that time of year where everyone goes back to school/college/uni and we begin the much anticipated warm up to hot chocolate, fluffy socks and CHRISTMAS. Fear not, don't run away, I'm not one of those crazy Christmas people who begins to prepare the following Christmas in January, its just something to think about...

Autumn is becoming apparent now, and leaves will soon be falling from the trees, boots and coats will be dusted off from last year, and we will all begin to say those forbidden words, 'I am so cold'. Alongside many, Autumn is one of my favourite times of year, particularly in terms of fashion. I am a huge fan of comfort over style (ironically) so Autumn gives me the perfect excuse to allow my baggy jumpers and checked shirts to pass as fashion pieces. So today, I thought I would share with you all my first composed AW17 look. Please enjoy!

Cardigan: ASOS
Jumpsuit: ASOS
Tee: Monki
Shoes: Thailand lol

So this outfit is perfect for Autumn, and more specifically September because of the use of layering. Layering during the colder months is almost like the holy grail trick, because when you're flitting between inside and outside, the fact that it feels freezing outside doesn't mean it will be in that cosy local cafe or in the midst of a shopping centre on a Saturday. 

This cardigan is firstly my absolute favourite thing ever, I wear it endlessly and I do need to repurchase because its starting to get incredibly bobbley (technical term right?). Having a cardigan to hand is ideal for those days where you're not sure what the weather is doing, and so gives you that little bit of extra warmth that is often much needed. 

This jumpsuit from ASOS is incredibly comfortable, but is definitely more of a summer piece. I wore this a handful of times over the summer and I love it. However, as we aren't all made of money, I  thought I would try and include this jumpsuit in this post and adapt it to a more autumnal suited outfit. By popping a tee underneath, it gives me an extra layer and allows the jumpsuit to look a lot less summer appropriate. I will certainly be wearing this throughout Autumn!

Lastly, trainers. Trainers are great all year round, however, there is another little trick here. Once it gets chillier and moves into Autumn time, everybody scuttles off to find their beloved pair of boots, but by the time its January and we are still in the midst of winter, we become extremely bored of our black ankle boots, so, try opting for a pair of comfortable trainers before you make that jump to boots. It keeps your outfit choices looking fresh and prevents boredom which is almost always closely followed by a cheeky ASOS splurge order. U R WELCOME.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, and look forward to many more cosy looks, they will certainly be coming your way. I also have some brand spanking new ideas for the blog which I cannot wait to share with you. If you want to be updated more regularly on my whereabouts and fashion choices (wouldn't blame you if you didn't...) then feel free to check out my Instagram: angelhowarth (self promo uno how it is).

Peace out x

'I want to begin the rest of my days with strong cups of coffee and the sight of your lashes fluttering open, ignoring alarms and sharing showers, discussing our plans and aspirations, and wishing each other a pleasant day knowing, with beginnings as sweet and simple as these, it can only get better.' Beau Taplin / Beginnings

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