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| Let Yourself Grow | 14/07/17 |

Morning everyone. 
As the summer months are passing us by, I challenge you to stop and think, for almost a mid-year reflection. What have you achieved this year? How many times have you stepped out of your comfort zone and pushed the boundaries? Is there anything you have managed to do this year that you never thought you could? 

It is so important for us to occasionally pause from our busy schedules that never naturally give us a breather, and to take an alternative perspective on our every move in order to reflect on whether we are allowing ourselves to grow. To become a better version of ourselves, with more experience, deeper emotions, and fonder memories. 

Today, I aspire to use this blog post to share my own reflection, and the way I am truly feeling in the midst of 2017. Having this platform to share my thoughts is becoming such a great ordeal for me, to be able to express myself in a way I wouldn't usually, and to have a sense of purpose to my life that continues to progress, regardless of whether its term time at university. Shall we begin? 

Sunglasses: Topshop
Smock Top: By a brand called Salad, but can't seem to find their existence anywhere!!
Denim Skirt: ASOS
Espadrilles: Dune

 So, here are four little helping hands on how to allow yourself to grow. 

1) The first key to successfully developing as a person, is to take the initial step and just give it a go. Trying new things is so important in discovering who you are and what is a match with your personality and talents. Also, do not let the struggle put you off trying, no matter what people think or how difficult you find the task ahead, keep trying. You will get better. And if you don't enjoy it, try something else. Life is all about giving things a go and experimenting. 

2) Have you ever doubted your abilities? Have you ever felt like you're incapable of something and compared your talents to the ability of others? Well in order to let yourself grow, you must overcome this. By beginning to learn how to have trust in your abilities and having faith in your decision making, you may feel much more comfortable with yourself and what lies ahead. By adapting a positive mindset, that is both logical but also optimistic, you can become a lot more confident in yourself, which will in turn, allow you to grow and to find your way through the pathway of life.

3) No.3. Thirdly, it is so good for people to feel self-assured and be able to make decisions without allowing the opinions of others to consume you. If you aspire to whisk yourself away on a trip for one; or if you don't want to stick to a healthy diet and you want to eat that cake but the judgement of others is telling you otherwise, fuck it, go with your heart. Never hold back because of the shadowing opinions of peers - unless you're planning to do something completely stupid of course!

4) Finally, the concept of acceptance. I feel as though the word acceptance and the ideals behind it are thrown about frequently in society today. And it really shouldn't be taken lightly, because accepting yourself for who you are can be very daunting and challenging for people, especially if you are riddled with insecurities or mental barriers. However, for you to be able to grow as a person, and to become the most you possible, accepting yourself is so important. Thus, we should be aware that the decisions we make and the experiences we have will alter who we are, and our attitudes towards the world. That is what is so magical about the human race, our personalities are factored by so many small experiences, large adventures, and social interactions  which accounts for who we are and who we become in the future. Accepting that this is ok will help us come to terms with our most intimate being and therefore, we can naturally, organically grow and blossom. 

Thank you so much for reading as always.
Sending peace and love x

'Inner happiness doesn't necessarily mean that you are free to hollow spaces or that things are always pleasant, but that no matter what happens, you trust yourself to persevere. That you have total confidence in your capability to confront life's difficulties and ultimately overcome them.' Beau Taplin / Inner Happiness

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