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| 02.02.17 | My Favourite Straight Legged Jeans |

This week has been an awfully cold one, miserable in a way. So I am sat here with a steaming cuppa and a choccy biscuit (a few biccys lets be honest) trying to piece together my affection towards my current wardrobe state. To be honest, I've been focusing on building my wardrobe up with basics because they are quite honestly the most effective way of creating a wardrobe that is practical, so much so that I am beginning to be able to create an outfit with relative speed each day. I must admit I am loving it, and so buying basics is truly the best thing.


So part of my newly build-able wardrobe are these gorgeous jeans by ASOS. I purchased these a few months ago, but ASOS do stock a wide variety of jeans such as these; just search ASOS straight leg jeans in to the search bar and you'll be blessed with many pairs to choose from.

I mostly love these because they're comfortable, and the raw edged hem is a really simple and effortless way of introducing a bit of sass to an every day outfit. They also look incredible with ankle boots as I am showcasing here, but they're especially desirable with heeled boots.

Northampton town clearing up litter especially for me to shoot...goals.

To add, the hem on these jeans are even more interesting because they're different lengths at the front from the back - shorter at the front. I feel like this is a great cut for jeans, particularly when wearing ankle boots because it shows off the slightest bit of ankle which is so flattering when keeping things simple.

I also wanted to talk to you guys about routines and lifestyle choices because I feel like its ever so important to organise your schedule and lifestyle in a way that fits you. Through being at University I have discovered how crucial it is to have a balance, and to be organised. Separating work time and social time can be challenging at times, as its so easy and evidently tempting to put work aside so you can enjoy time with your friends, but disciplining yourself to have set time for each is incredibly important in order for you to be as successful as possible and to also keep yourself feeling relaxed, rather than stressed out and rushing things to meet deadlines or to please others. Also, eating right and sleeping right are incredibly significant, as your sleeping pattern and eating habits majorly effect your mood, your health and your general attitude towards each day. I may try and come up with some top tips for staying organised, and I'll try pop them on the next blog post, although like most of you, I am also learning to manage my time and to avoid oversleeping and eating junk. Lol.

That's all from me, I will see you all next week for another post! Peace out xxx

'Date someone who is your home but who is also an adventure every day.'

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