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| AU NATUREL | 30/06/17 |

Society is persistently formulating and changing ideas on the ideal state of being, and a strategic method of beauty that we can all supposedly reach by following particular steps. However, if we were all to reach the society driven definition of beauty, we would promptly become minions, complete with the identical features to our neighbours and peers - which in turn, would make us far from beautiful. I wanted to take a moment (and a blog post) to share my thoughts on the concept of beauty, and how in fact I believe beauty deeply comes from within, and is something we unfortunately all cannot easily obtain.

Beauty to me, is undoubtedly 'au naturel', which by dictionary definition is 'with no elaborate treatment, dressing or preparation'. That slightly poofy-eyed, makeup-less face with stretch marked tummies and unwashed hair is the epitome of beauty - I strongly believe. This is because, regardless of whether you had a peaceful eight hours sleep, or a weary night of tossing and turning resulting in a measly 4 hours kip, we remain beautiful every day because of the state of our hearts and the way our personalities are shaped from our experiences.

For about a month now, I have worn makeup only a handful of times, and have attempted to strip back my fashion choices, in order to feel maximum comfort in my own skin, and to unlock the confidence I may have lacked while growing up, due to the restraints and pressures of the environments we experience as a child. During this past month, I have felt the most beautiful in my entire life, and not because I have mastered the technique of a killer smokey eye, or that I've spent hundreds of pounds perfecting my wardrobe. I have simply taken a step back, a look in the mirror, and realised that if I change my attitude towards what I expect from my body, then I will be rewarded with confidence and happiness beyond belief. 

Cropped Top: H&M
Cardigan: ASOS
Paperbag Midi Skirt: ASOS

 Makeup-less and absolutely fucking loving it...

 As a young woman, I feel as though there are a set of criteria for me to follow in order to be 'accepted' by society, such as wearing makeup of a certain style, and portraying myself in a certain way on social media. However, as I am transitioning from a teenager, and into a grown woman, I have discovered that I, and everybody else, does not need to be restricted by this concept of beauty and of 'being cool'. Since wearing little makeup for the last month; by experimenting with music, TV and YouTube video choices, I have discovered those that I really LOVE and those that simply don't do it for me; and by making fashion choices that are often not coinciding with the latest trends and are both understated AND bold, I have found a state of real happiness and contentment. 

I strongly believe that this is a kind of enlightenment for me, as I am transitioning into an adult woman and encouraging my opinion to pierce through what I have been told by others throughout life. Furthermore, I feel as though this personal development must be influenced by something. For me, I have become aware that my most significant influence has been my decision to go to university, and this has encouraged my confidence to blossom over the last year. To add, I feel that finding George has influenced my confidence to an even greater extent because of the comfort I feel in his presence, so I can now evaluate what is important to me in life, and to distinguish the experiences and interactions that will improve my life and better me as a person. From now, what is important to me is my health (including the health of my skin which has flourished since being freed from regular makeup application) and my overall ability to believe in myself. Having been insanely content since October last year, it has caught my attention that what makes you truly happy is important, rather than the latter. So, I feel removed from the expectations of reality, and am focusing more on what makes my soul happy, and what experiences and attitudes allow me to be a kinder, more considerate and selfless person. The power of love...

Thanks for reading as always, and I'll see you again.

Peace out x

'The most important thing you will ever do in your life is learn to embrace your unique, honest self. A boundless, infinitely populated universe and there is nothing else here quite like you. This is your power. All these things that make you strange and different also make you irreplaceable.' Beau Taplin / Unique Honest Self

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