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| A Little Tailoring Never Hurt Anybody, Did It? | 28/07/17 |

Good morning to you all, you beautiful souls of the Earth. I hope your morning is filled with the rising sun, birds singing and morning cuddles with your significant other. If not, snuggle your pillow and put on your favourite song whilst you shower to ensure you get off to a good start today!


Shirt dress: Missguided
Shoes: New Look
Headband: ASOS
Lipstick: New Look

Some of you may have noticed that there has been a considerable increase in the number of blog posts I have been uploading recently and I hoped that over the summer I would be able to create more content for you all. Therefore, I'm quite proud that its working out this way, so that you all have more to read, and so that I can shoot a lot more looks and share more of my thoughts. However, with an increase in content, comes an increase in ideas needed to keep the momentum going. To add, my bank balance is looking incredibly sad, so any style inspiration I feel I could explore further is just impossible to act upon so I am using this blog post as a way to find a solution to my inability to find any creative PAZAZ. 

Firstly, I could try and dig out some old pieces and style them up in a different way than I usually would - and potentially create a post of the process and/or the final result.
Or, I could sit and wallow whilst adding to my ever-long ASOS wish list until my next student loan comes in and then splurge it all.
Alternatively, you guys could leave some LOVELY comments /messages with any of your own ideas, which would help me greatly.
Lastly, I could just climb inside my wardrobe and FIND something to write about once I've used up all my saved ideas!!

I am loving blogging more than ever, and I am pushing through this little creative rut in the hope something AWESOME will come out of it. I do have a few floating ideas in the mix which are beginning to make their way onto the blog. Also, I am thoroughly enjoying having two posts a week, one that is solely based on fashion and surrounds a particular outfit, but also having a second post during the week to tread a little deeper into my thoughts and my mind which I find greatly stimulating and I feel a great way to make use of this platform!

See you again next week :)


'The core of who you are as a person I believe is permanent, a foundation built throughout the early years of your life. The good stuff however - kindness, selflessness, drive, reason and understanding, all come later. How you choose to decorate who you are is entirely up to you. So be creative.' Beau Taplin / The Architect 

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