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| Festival / Holiday Look No.5 | 18/07/17 |

Morning all and welcome to the last festival/holiday look episode of the saga! I am currently feeling absolutely shattered from my wonderful trip away to Spain with George, Sam and Josh - link to Sam's blog here. I will be keeping you all updated with how my first festival experience was shortly, and what I've been wearing through the week, so keep a look out for some brand new posts all about that. But onto today's post, the final episode...get comfy and enjoy...

Sunglasses: Topshop
Jacket: ASOS
Dress: ASOS
Canvas Trainers: H&M

For those who are a little bit bohemian, I feel like this look could inspire an outfit choice for you. The neutral tones, lace up detailing and layered jewellery adds a real bohemian vibe that I am digging so hard. Unfortunately, I purchased these sunglasses last summer and the dress the summer before that, so these are no longer available. However I will add an alternative pair of shades right here and a similar dress here!

I think this look is utterly ideal for summer holidays or festivals because its undoubtedly versatile. This ASOS jacket can keep you warm in a slight breeze or if you're out in the evening. Equally, if you're sitting down on the floor whether it be sand or grass, you can pop this jacket down on the ground to protect your dress from getting mucky and is ultimately more comfortable. This is especially important if you're wearing a white dress as I am.

The shades I am wearing have a very dark tint to them, so are more appropriate for the sunniest of sunny weather, hence why I am hoping to take them to Spain - they don't get much wear here in the U.K. I love the cat eye detail on these because its quite subtle and doesn't drown your face out too much, preventing you from looking like a small baby wearing huge sunglasses, lol.

The H&M grey canvas pumps I have added to this look are great, particularly if you are going on walks on your holiday, and are obviously perfect for festivals as your pretty sandals aren't going to last 3 minutes in the midst of a rave lol. Because they're canvas, these little shoes are going to keep your little feetsies cool, but also protected from hurting yourself. The rubber sole on these are also very practical because it means if you step in something a bit sharp, you're not going to cut your foot (drastic I know). They're also incredibly comfortable and are easy to style up with shorts and day dresses.

Lastly, this dress. I have owned this dress a few years now, and it always makes its way out of the wardrobe come summer time. I love it so much! In fact, it was starred in one of my very first blog posts. This canvas style dress is relatively short but you're still at a pretty low risk of flashing to the world so fear not, but it does leave you with unavoidably the majority of your legs on display. It's not too tight fitting, so you refrain from getting ridiculously hot and sweaty in it (classy), which also means its super comfy! EASY FASHION, CHECK. Lastly, despite the colour being completely impractical, the pocket details, lace up front, and overall comfort completely surpasses the very small problem with this dress. ITS A YES FROM ME. 

Thanks for reading and thank you to all of you who stuck with me for the entirety of this little saga. I would love to know your thoughts on me doing another saga style set of blog posts, and what kind of thing would you love to see? It would be of so much help if I knew a little more about what my funky readers like to read. Thanks again! 

'I trust in the universe to unfold as it should, to reveal my path and guide me along on my journey. But I also recognise that sometimes fate requires a little push. That while the cosmos may provide me with the blueprint to my destiny, it is my duty to get my hands dirty and build something of it.' Beau Taplin / The Blueprint

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