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| Embracing Your Style & Yourself | 07/07/17 |

I love this quote. I was sat on the end of my bed, questioning how I could write a blog post that surrounded the subject of embracing yourself and your style. I began to scour the web and Pinterest pages for words of wisdom and inspirational quotes, because we all love an inspirational quote. I stumbled across this one, and it caught me dead in my tracks - I mean, I wasn't going anywhere I was sat quite still drinking my 42nd cup of tea of the day, but allow the metaphor to stand bold in all its glory. I think that this quote is so significant because it speaks the absolute truth. A non-sugar coated perspective on the importance of embracing who you are unapologetically. 

We all share the natural process of birth and death, and we all belong on the same planet that we call home. But that's as far as we are comparable to every other human being. As a species, we are cornered into stereotypes and into expectations, denying ourselves of the very fact that we are all unique in our own personal way. In my opinion, the differences we have from one another are what makes us a person, more so than a collection of cells, randomly selected to be a part of the world. We each share different upbringings, social skills and experiences that shape us to become who we are. So to not embrace that, would be to deny ourselves of who we are. Therefore, this quote speaks volumes because it is in fact the individual qualities and 'weird' mannerisms of ours that enable us to be strong people, and to dominate the world in our own way.

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On a slightly more fashion based level, embracing our personal style is important, and relevant. The way we present ourselves in society marks a segment of our personality and our views on the world. So ensuring we are portraying ourselves accurately and honestly depends on the fashion choices we make, and deciphers whether we are choosing to hide behind trends to 'fit in', or whether we choose to embrace who we are by wearing that leather jacket covered in sentimental pin badges, or our beloved yet torn apart pair of converse. Our imperfections speak loudly, but so do our fashion choices. Therefore, I would recommend highly that you all embrace yourself and your personal style, in the hope we can all feel a little more comforted by the way we are portraying ourselves to the world, and by being honest with who we are. After all, we are only here once, and we owe it to ourselves to make the most of our time on this incredible planet we call home.

Thank you for reading, and see you again next time. Sending peace and love to all you lovely readers and all of those close to your heart.

'Never be sorry for who you are. Your personality should never be shrouded in what society expects of you. Be shamelessly, unapologetically you. You will find the world rallies behind those who carve roads of their own.' Beau Taplin / The Road

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