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Winter Coat Styling & The Most Important Aspects Of Life.

Evening everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far and are keeping warm and cosy in this awfully miserable British weather. I also expect that you have seen the John Lewis Christmas Advert for this year, or else you're a slight scrooge and complete disappointment. Watch it here before you continue to read this blog post, if you haven't already indulged in the festivity because it is wildlife-filled and exceeds the word cute.

American politics aside, I am hopeful that you have all had a great week working hard, and are being rewarded with a relaxing weekend so far. There's nothing quite like a chilled out weekend after a busy week. Lush.


Coat: Asos
Sunglasses: Monki
Choker: Asos
Tee: Asos
Jeans: Missguided
Boots: Asos

This week I thought I would go all guns blazing with a wintery blog post, as I have been desperately waiting to start wearing this gorgeous coat. Although, I'll be wearing from now until probably April before we see sunshine again. The focal point of this post is for sure my coat, which I purchased last year from Asos, and is an absolute treasure because it keeps me incredibly warm and undoubtedly dry from the rain. To add, despite the fact it is a pretty heavy duty number, it still looks really fricken cool layered up with jeans and a jumper or even a dress, and I have received compliments when wearing this coat out and about. However, I do want to use this post to share other components of this ensemble because they're relatively new, and so available for you all to purchase in your free time.

You can purchase the heeled boots right here and the leather look jeans, just here.

These Perspex heel sock boots have been so much fun to wear recently, and I only purchased them about a month ago, from Asos. They fit ever so well, and have not caused me any pain or blisters which is reassuring considering I have really tried and tested these through a multitude of night's out and hard-core dancing. I would highly recommend. They're also great because in black they're so versatile, but the Perspex heel just adds a little bit of edge, a hint of rebellion and a large splash of cool - I'm head over heels for these (pun definitely intended).

Also, I would like to mention these leather look jeans from Missguided, as I purchased them at a similar time. I think these were about £25, although I can't remember for certain. But what a brilliant pair of jeans, they fit so snugly and I think they look relatively good quality and classy, considering they're leather look and inexpensive. They are tight in all the right places and despite the fact I'm ridiculously short, they fit me length wise perfectly, so if you're tall maybe bare that in mind if you're considering adding these to your basket.

And welcoming you to the second part of the blog, the mystic Meg section of this shambles. I thought I would give you not only a little something to think about, but an insight into my own life, and essentially a few facts about me that I guess, make me, me. I obviously have certain views on the world, and you may agree with me or you may think I am completely barmy, but nonetheless, I'm gonna' share it with you all. So here are my top 5 most important aspects of life.

1. Good music. I know it probably sounds cliché, but I honestly think good music has great significance in life. Music takes such a back seat day-to-day in terms of priorities, as schedules can get pretty busy. But, music can change your mood; cheer you up; make you cry or allow you to reflect on memories, whether good or bad. It is definitely proven that music is an influencer, and can relate to us all on a variety of occasions. Personally, I enjoy nothing more than popping on my Apple music account, hitting shuffle and listening to a few chilled out, alternative artists. Currently, in case you were wondering, my favourite artists include: Mac Demarco; Nick Mulvey; Benjamin Booker, Luka and Jordan Mackampa.

2. Self love/appreciation. Ok, so I am not trying to insinuate that we need to love ourselves in the immediate future, and learn to ignore our worries or insecurities. But what I am saying, is that you have got to figure out who you are: what shit you like; what your interests are and what activities you do that make you feel really good about yourself. For me, self-love is not about telling yourself to love your wonky nose or disorderly freckles on your back. What self-love is about, in my opinion, is discovering the kind of person you are and the kind of person you aspire to be, and figuring out the pathway you must take in order for you to reach a realistic goal - a version of you that you feel comfortable with, and that you are able to share with other people without worrying about what they think. I am most definitely on a pathway to self-love as I am sure we all are, and once you reach that milestone, then you have overcome the biggest hurdle you'll ever face. So well done.

3. Someone you can talk to. Another important factor in terms of welfare, is having the ability to talk to someone about your problems without feeling scared or judged. This is something I would say a large number of people struggle with including myself at times, because the fear of rejection or judgement can be extremely overpowering. Although from experience, I will strongly advise you not to 'bottle everything up', because it certainly doesn't make anything easier, and really can make your worry a lot worse. Obviously you can't magically find someone who is compatible with you to the extent they're willing to listen to you moaning about whatever shit you're going through, but you may have family you can talk to, or a friend, or maybe you do have a significant other. I know that I'm learning about allowing myself to let down barriers and be open with those I care about. Honesty and open-ness is so important, especially if you're hoping to maintain a connection with someone. So, for you and for your loved ones, speak your mind and don't be afraid of what others think. If they are weirded out, then they're not worthy of your soul anyway. Laters.

4. A style you're happy with. As a fashion blogger, I clearly have a growing interest in fashion/ obscene obsession, so I have to pop a little something in here about fashion. On a serious note, I think your style is incredibly important due to the fact that personally, if I'm dressed in something I feel cool and stylish in, I feel more confident and feel that anything life throws at me, I can take. Which is grand. You can create and represent yourself in so many ways, and price removed, your personal style is such an easy way to represent who you are.

5. A healthy lifestyle. Lastly, your lifestyle is definitely an important aspect of life. I am not going to tell you to never eat a McDonalds again, or that you should limit your alcohol intake to Christmas only, because let's face it, we all have habits and appreciation for things that may not be good for us. But I would suggest that we should take a concerted effort to try keep our bodies in check, because we wanna stay alive and healthy right? All I'm gonna say on the health front is watch what you're eating and try not to consume five Victoria sponges on a daily basis.

Love to you all, peace out.

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