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Hello November, Cold Weather & Lots Of Layers

Well look who's back?! As it is now officially November, I figured it would only be polite to give the best month in the entire year a big hello. In case you had curiosity as to why I have such strong views on the month of November, I can assure you my excitement is most definitely not because my birthday is the 28th November... definitely.

For the sake of fashion blogging tradition, it is about time I wrote to you all about styling Autumn/Winter layers, and to present to you, my almighty creation. In reality, I just threw this outfit on in the hope it would keep me a little warm amongst the abundance of  5 degree weather. And with a little luck, I was able to blog it. So here we go.

Blouse: Salad (It's second hand so not sure where from)
Knitted Waistcoat: Zara Knitwear
Jeans: Asos
Belt: Not A Clue (no that is not an edgy brand, lol)
Socks: Asos
Trainers: Asos

Essentially, I look like a little bit of a hippie, or cast member from the absolute world class film 'Into The Wild', but nonetheless, it keeps me pretty cosy. Until I step outside and have to add a mammoth sized coat because winter is a real tricky time to remain fashionable. But eh, the coat cannot be mentioned because it does not fit to the theme of this blog post, nor does it look particularly flattering, more like the Michelin man gone viral.

So, whilst I listen to the sweet sound of Eddie Vedder, and contemplate putting another pair of socks on because my feet are beginning to lose all sense of feeling, lets chat.

As you will probably notice, these Asos jeans are becoming a complete staple item in my wardrobe, as they are just so comfortable and fit me really well, I think. They're definitely a relaxed pair of jeans as far as mom jeans go, and the distressing and ripped knees also give it a bit of an edge. so whilst my knees are going to freeze this winter, I will remain comfortable at all times. Success. To add, I have noticed jeans nowadays don't always have belt loops (I'm talking to you Topshop), but these do, so I can add a belt as and when I please to spice these up - thank you Asos.

I am absolutely in love with this blouse and waistcoat combo and although I feel a little like I'm dressing as my future adult self - lol - I am infatuated. This blouse is honestly gorgeous, feels of a good quality piece of clothing and the pattern is really quite divine. The waistcoat, I think, compliments this blouse really well, and just adds a little something, bringing my outfit together nicely.

Trainers. Oh the joys. I have never been the kind of girl to wear trainers, and that's most probably hence why these aren't Nike or Adidas, because I lack in trainer expertise. However, being at University means a lot of walking and my feet were beginning to feel a bit neglected. So I spontaneously purchased these trainers from Asos for £20 (don't quote me but I am almsot certain they were £20) in a mint colour, and boy it was a worthy purchase. I literally wear these every day now, which is a bit of a given because they look like I have walked through a swamp in them - which I haven't - or at least I haven't in a sober state of body/mind. I would 100% recommend you try Asos if youre keen for an inexpensive pair of go to trainers.

As always, here comes the new addition to the blog, where I talk a load of bollocks about cherishing memories and loving earth in the attempt to feel like a moderately good person. But today I just wanted to send out a little message of happiness with the hope it may be relatable to you. So for what its worth I have been thinking a lot about happiness, and what makes people happy. Furthermore, the importance of being honest with your self and occasionally ruthless about who is really making you happy, and if otherwise, removing those negative aspects of your life. I actually think its pretty hard to be completely happy, as life is always tackling us with obstacles and episodes of difficult decision making. And because of that I don't think it is possible to ever be 100% happy, however, overcoming hurdles are made much easier if you have the ability to confide in close ones and take a break completing whichever activity puts a smile on your face. In this crazy and very much brutal world, just try to find your little spot of tranquillity in which can make you feel a sense of happiness and calm.

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