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October 21st 2016. An evening of reflection.


So, picture this: A slightly sleep deprived student perched on the step of the backdoor, coffee to hand. The sweet sound of Nick Mulvey's album First Mind complimenting the silence of an empty house. A cold, crisp evening in midst October and a wandering mind. I decided to write this post as an expression of reflection and contentment, a diversion from the usual materialistic posts on fashion items and styling attempts.

I would firstly just like to apologise for not posting in a few weeks, but as you may or may not know, I have just began my university adventure and despite the fact I have only been here three weeks, I feel as though its already been a lifetime of experiences and lessons learned.

First day of uni

University has honestly been the most insane journey so far: the almost sleepless nights; extreme consumption of alcohol and trying to find my way around university and the town I now call home. I have enjoyed every hungover moment and I simply feel like I needed to update you all on what I've been up to.

I do not have any photos to share with you of a new outfit or all time favourite pair of jeans - I'm not sure if that's because I've been lazy or if the student financial crisis has hit me! I am SO broke, but to be honest I really don't mind.

University and the big wide world away from my family has taught me so much already, its taught me that friends are so important, that grades at school do not limit your abilities and that the use by date on most foods can be ignored for a few days if you just believe. lol. P.S Never take for granted home-cooking and vegetables (big shoutout to my mum right now). But seriously, I cannot express to you enough how much I am glad that I chose to go to university this year when I was so close to taking an almighty 'gap year' but yet I am thankful that I didn't opt for that.

So, I do have plans to create some exciting blog posts in my new surroundings that are arguably more aesthetically pleasing than my back garden or the park around the corner, and I will most definitely continue blogging once I have settled into a proper routine and can find the time because I do love blogging. But, I am really focusing on myself and my prospering future at the moment, because I am in a real sense of contentment with my new beginning - if you can't already tell.

I hope I am not boring you with my ramblings, as this post is a kind of one-off special. My update to you all is that I am loving life and treasuring each moment it brings, so I hope that from this you can bring yourself to appreciate all you have and to cherish every memory you make because memories are worth so much more than a new handbag or killer autumn shade MAC lipstick - I promise. See you all very soon.

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