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The Superiority Of Coffee, Contentment & Passion

Evening all...

Whilst nursing my piping mug of inexpensive instant coffee, I sit here in a state of pure contentment. The harsh touch of the cold evening air seems irrelevant as I type to those of you who take the time to read my posts. And I thank you for that. The sense of contentment I feel is uncontrollable. The kind that completely consumes you, so much so that before you reach to check the time, it's been two hours and you've been sat in the same position, typing your heart out onto the digital page and pressing delete regularly in the fear of expressing too much. Recently, I've experienced a new beginning, a whirling rollercoaster ride of highs and lows; stresses and excitements; tiredness I've accepted as a part of me now, but also feeling the most alive possible. Truth be told, I am loving my newest chapter, and I've been trying awfully hard to embrace each day as it comes, and to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way. Granted, sometimes it doesn't work out the way you hoped. Sometimes you don't wake up to your 9am alarm and instead you recharge for a couple more hours and get a little less housework done than you hoped. Sometimes you can think of nothing worse than to get out of bed and stumble your way to the lecture theatre. Equally, sometimes you never want the day to end, because you can't quite get enough of the moment, and no matter what you do, time surpasses you and goes by faster than you thought possible. But I am enjoying my adventure, no matter how much it may wear me out to the extent I rely on coffee for a wake up call each morning. What I have most recently discovered, is that every day is a new beginning. A new start to achieve your dreams and goals. Every day is a chance for you to do whatever it is you've been planning. An opportunity to recreate the feeling's of yesterday.

Bomber Jacket: Vintage
Hoodie: Boyfriend's
Tee: Monki
Jeans: Asos
Sunglasses: Hindsight Vintage
Trainers: Asos

The outfit displayed above is for sure a casual one. I've been wearing these items a lot in the last few weeks where the weather has turned much colder, and wrapping up in blankets of jumpers and scarves has become necessary. I would say this is a very day-to-day outfit, something I've been wearing both at home and on uni days. Its primarily a practical, comfort-based outfit choice, it keeps me warm and cosy when out and about. Its great for keeping warm outdoors but depending on how warm it is inside, I can also accommodate to that by removing/adding layers as I please, which has been a real life-saver because lecture theatres are unpredictable when it comes down to humidity.

I have had this bomber jacket about a year now, and I still think its the coolest jacket I own. I especially love the neon orange lining because it adds a little pazazz and makes it a bit different from other bomber jackets - its also vintage which gives this little number a little personality.

My trusty round metal framed vintage sunglasses by Hindsight Vintage are also never far from my side. I adore these shades so much and I try to get as much wear out of them as possible. As you may or may not know, I'm a keen sunglasses wearer, almost a sunglasses enthusiast if you will. So the slightest glint of sunlight and I am ready to go. On a side-note, I would highly recommend Hindsight Vintage for their sunglasses because the fit is perfect and they do some extraordinary styles of shades - I have my eye on a few of their range, and I will definitely be purchasing other pairs from them in the future.

In correlation with the title of this blog post, I think I ought to expand. So coffee. Its a real essential at the moment, racing ahead of a classic English cuppa, and as deadlines as drawing closer, I'm spending a lot more time tapping away at my laptop keyboard and a lot less time keeping watch of my sleeping pattern. The joys of university - and its only my first year - eek. So, in a nutshell, coffee is my saviour, the life and soul of my educational party and it really does lend itself in my direction multiple times daily.

Contentment. I feel like I'm always blabbering on about contentment, so I'll keep it short. I just feel content, truly content. Despite the fact I am buried in workload and the pressure of handing in my first assignments is intense, I still feel incredibly at peace with the world.

Lastly, passion. Now I am quite gutted I was not able to find a relevant word beginning with a C that would give my blog post title a fancy ring to it, and I am kicking myself for it, but I deemed passion as an appropriate discussion point. I feel as though people do not often feel passionate about aspects of their life, maybe they take them for granted or just accept them as part of their daily life. But I think it is incredible when you feel passionate about something or someone. It's like nothing can knock you off this little cloud of excitement and uncontrollable emotion. I know for sure that when I feel passionate about something, I am reluctant to let anything to get in the way, I just want to enjoy the feeling and to let it guide me in whichever direction feels right. Passion is crazy. Its overpowering. Its almost fire-like. Nonetheless, I feel passionate about a small handful of things at the moment, and personally, I feel on top of the world. A sense of appreciation comes out of passion I think, because now I feel strongly for things, I appreciate them more and more every day. 

Anyway, I hope this was an enjoyable read, and I hope in my dreary, sleepy state that I am making at least the slightest bit of sense. Lol. See you all soon!

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